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    One of the most difficult parts of many peoples training is lack of access to coaching. Maybe you get to a workshop every now and again or a coach comes through town, but the majority of your time is just you and your partner, and those around you trying to figure out (read: arguing about) what’s going wrong, and how to fix it.

    Not any more.

    We’re here to help you take the guesswork out of your training by joining the S.A.S; the Standing Acrobatics Squad.

    You’ll receive access to 5 video reviews a month, unlimited questions, personalized exercises to help improve and address your individual mobility & strength weak-points and a partnership specific training plan to help you achieve the skills you’re chasing. 

    Our video review service has already proven effective and helped people (some of whom we’ve never even met!) achieve the skills they’re chasing. You send us a video of your training, and we’ll annotate and comment on it with advice on where you’re going wrong, what you need to do to fix it, and with drills and ideas that will help you out.

    You’ll be given access to a Facebook group where you can post unlimited questions, short videos of training, and anything else and we’ll answer it. Because we’re millennials, we’ll literally be on our phones all the time ready and willing to fix whatever problem you have. 

    After we’ve seen a couple videos from you, we’ll develop a series of specific and targeted exercises, mobilizations and stretches to address what we think are your weak-points, or areas where we see you’re lacking. Each exercise will be demonstrated and explained in a video, so you know exactly what you need to do. 

    As well as an individual training plan, we’ll create a personalized acrobatic-technique plan for your partnerships with easy-to-do-but-hard-to-master exercises to help solidify your practice and give you the tools, knowledge and experience needed to achieve the skills you want. Just like the individual exercises, each drill will have a video to make sure you know exactly what you're meant to be doing. 

    We’ve seen enormous success in our recent intensives with this approach, and now we want to share this effective training methodology with more people. In the past we’ve been apprehensive about how best to offer online coaching, but this system has proven incredibly effective and we feel ready to roll it out to more people.

    Finally, every two weeks we'll hold a big group chat where all the pairs and us get together and discuss the trainings. What worked, what didn't, what felt easy, what felt difficult. We want to tailor this to your experience as much as is possible, and we think that having that open, uncensored channel of communication is going to be key to giving you the best training possible. 

    We’re making sure to start small to ensure that each partnership gets the attention they need, so we’re capping this program at 10 pairs.

    The program is a small monthly membership that is bought upfront in periods of one, three or six months. There’s no pressure to keep going if you find it’s not for you, we'll be happy to refund you anytime you have left, but you will lose access to all the online material and exclusive Facebook group.