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    What Is Liquid Chalk?

    Liquid Chalk, is one of the best inventions ever (Yes, sorry Edison) and an absolute necessity if you’re an acrobat, circus artist or someone with hands who wants to hold onto things. AcroGrip is a quick, effective and safe way to dry your hands, apply a layer of chalk and improve your ability to grip & remain gripping.

    What Does It Do?

    It applies a layer of chalk to your hand that helps dry out sweat or moisture, and increase friction allowing you to grip stronger, for longer.

    Why did you want to make Liquid Chalk?

    I've been using different brands of liquid chalk since 2008, and always felt like they weren't quite good enough. It was initially designed for climbers who didn't like it; it was hard to use halfway up a mountain. 

    Then circus artists adopted it, and we've been using something that wasn't designed for us. Skin-on-skin-contact, and it's sweaty intricacies, are unquestionably different to skin-on-rock or skin-on-bar contact.

    And so that, is why I developed AcroGrip. Want to learn more about AcroGrip? Read the story. 

    How Do I Use It?

    You apply a small, dime sized blob to your hands, rub it across your hands/wrist/feet/ankle/whatever needs to be gripped until you have a light coating, don't rub it all the way in like a lotion, then either blow on your hands or wave them around to help it dry, clap or brush off any excess and that’s it! 

     AcroGrip, like all liquid chalks, works best when your hands are dry.  It's better to apply it at the start of a session, rather than waiting until it's too late and you're already sweaty. If you're somewhere super humid, or are a very sweaty person (like me!) you'll get the best result by toweling your hands a little first. Or just wipe them on the least sweaty part of whatever you're wearing like I do. 

    How Does It Work?

    Short answer: Magic.

    Longer answer: Once applied to your hands, some of the ingredients in AcroGrip begin performing their own unique magic trick and disappear (our chemists say the proper term is ‘evaporate’ but what do they know?!), and what’s left behind is chalk. Just chalk. Lovely, dry, grip improving, life-altering, chalk.

    What's In It?

    AcroGrip is a (top-secret) combination of Chalk, Alcohol (The-rubbing-kind-not-the-get-blasted-kind), Rosin and what's called a thickening agent. 

    We're proud to use a higher chalk and rosin content than other brands. While this does make it slightly more expensive to manufacture it pays off in spades and we think it's worth it!

    Our thickening agent (again, a top secret) is also different to what's in most other liquid chalks, and is much better at helping to keep the chalk and the rosin together, and on your hands. 

    How Is It Different To Regular Chalk?

    It’s not! But also, it is! AcroGrip contains the highest quality chalk, the purest-most-breaking-bad-style magnesium carbonate, but with a twist.

    Regular chalk, block or ball, is rubbed or patted on to the hand. Normally when you do that some of the chalk floats away, doesn’t stick to your hands or comes off soon after. Not ideal. Regular chalk is also not the best at dealing with moisture (sorry bro, but it’s true), so when you sweat that chalk is likely to turn to a paste, or just come off completely.

    With AcroGrip and the way it works and with how it’s applied, the chalk in the mixture doesn't go anywhere and stays on your hands, and because of our custom formula is much more resistant to moisture than regular chalk.

    This provides you with a better grip, that lasts longer, and that’s much stronger.  

    Why does it cost so much? 

    It doesn't! I've made sure that AcroGrip is a fair price. I scoured Amazon, and historical pricing records available online, and found that all the other decent brands of liquid chalk are $25 or more.

    You can find some for much less than that on the individual companies website, but those prices don't include shipping. So your $13 bottle of chalk actually costs $25+ after shipping and taxes.

    We offer free shipping for orders of a certain size! So no surprises there! AcroGrip is not only the best choice, it's also one of the best value-for-money choices too! 


    Where is it made? Is this some cheap Chinese knockoff? 

    AcroGrip is made and manufactured in the USA. We wanted to have complete control over the formula and the quality, and struggled to see how we could do that interacting with a country across the planet. So we chose to manufacture in the good old US of A. 

    We're not 'bottled in the USA' like some other brands (read; shipped from China in bulk and put into bottles in the US), we're entirely manufactured, bottled, and distributed all within the continental US. 

    Will it damage my hands? 

    Good news! Your hands will survive. You may find that after training with AcroGrip your hands are a little drier than normal, this is normal (and kind of the whole point). All it will take is a little warm water, soap and a touch of moisturizer to return them to their peachy, soft state. 

    Why does it smell like that?

    Yeah....sorry about that. To be fair though, all liquid chalks smell like death.

    We are working with our manufacturer to find a scent to make it as appealing to your nostrils as it is to your hands, without sacrificing the high quality of AcroGrip or it's use.

    Can I Drink It?

    Please don’t. That would not be a good idea.

    I Don't Like It, I Want a Refund!

    Firstly, that's not a question. But that's no worry, we'll take care of you. If you're unhappy with your purchase, just email us within 30 days of your purchase at contact@standingacrobatics.com and we'll sort you out with a full refund.