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     What It Really Means To Be A Base - Part 1 

    Today is the first part of a two part blog where we’re going to take a look at what I think are the unique responsibilities of being a base, and what it means to be a base in a partnership.

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    What It Really Means To Be A Base - Part 2

    I think that 'Being a good person' for your partner, while a fairly broad responsibility, comes down to two things:  treating them with respect, and understanding you're there to support your partner. 

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    So You Want To Be A Performer?

    If you’re unable to dedicate your entire life to running away and joining the circus, I have some advice for you. It’s not perfect advice, and I’m unable to encompass all the facets and angles of becoming a performer and what that requires, but I’ll do my best.  

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    3 Training Mistakes To Avoid

    I’ve been trying to think of an introduction to this for 30 minutes and have decided instead to just refer you to the self-explanatory title. Look up at it. And then look down to read the rest. Good day.

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    The Difference Between Fun & Frustrating In Training

    Ever have a training session where you’re trying new things, and you’re nailing all of them on the first couple tries and you feel like a total badass? And have you ever had a training session where the opposite is true?

    Welcome to the Hotel Skillington. Where every room has a ‘Skill Floor’, and a ‘Skill Ceiling’. But no mini-fridge.

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    3 Tips For Better Communication

    We’re constantly looking at the technique of the Acrobatics itself, but rarely do we look at the ‘technique’ of being part of a duo/trio/group.

    One major aspect of this is communication. Communication in a partnership is like a handstand, it’s a foundational element that everything else is built upon.  Think of the following advice as the ‘push your shoulders tall’ of talking to your partner.

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    Making Progress Without A Coach 

    If you’re currently practising Hand to Hand, Handstands or potentially some higher level acroyoga, you will spend the majority of your training time without a coach or instructor. This is an unavoidable reality. Unless you’re in a full time program, or are able to afford daily private classes, we can’t escape the fact that you and your partner are stepping out into the great acrobatic wilderness without a guide.

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